Roxanne the Adorable African Grey

Roxanne the Adorable African Grey
Wouldn't you like to work for me?

Friday, January 13, 2012

NOW We're Talkin'!

I'm 'on the fly', so to speak, getting in a quick message before my brother, Cracker starts to Alarm the household.  Joe is snoring, so my Executive Assistant is available, albeit unwilling.

We are MOVING!

Either that, or this apartment has become a 'Mail and More'.

Grant, Florida: Current Population-1841, perched upon the island-bejeweled Indian River, below where it merges with the Banana River at the tip of Merritt Island.

Sounds all tropical and breezy, right?  So that's the excuse for my long absence from you, my many fans.  Our little house (so I've heard) has a 'Florida Room' that is 'for the birds', facing the Indian River (well, at least a boat ramp and parking lot thereon), that will be loaded with bird-friendly palms and other flora, playtrees, toys and treats.  We--Shall--See!

But I had to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new hero, Einstein the Texas African Grey!  She is now connected to my PLOG! (Word has gotten out that I, Rosanne, am online!)  I get to watch her videos at least once a day!  She is now my roll model.  If you need a good laugh, visit her web site.  She is Amazing! Best of all, she looks like ME, and after all, it IS all about ME, isn't it?

Hoping to be back to entertain you soon --- I am now going to slip back under my cover in the hope that Cracker didn't hear nails clicking on the laptop keys.  I'm fine, but take my word for it, my Executive Assistant R-E-A-L-L-Y needs more beauty sleep.

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