Roxanne the Adorable African Grey

Roxanne the Adorable African Grey
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Usual Prevening Riot

Good prevening to all you Big Bang Theory fans out there (too early to be called evening, thus, prevening).  By the way, if you are not a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, what are you thinking?  Oh Wait --- you are NOT thinking!

Prevening, and here I am eating leftovers again.  Well, to be honest, my bowl of extruded parrot pellets was 'freshened up' by my Executive Assistant.  Translation:  'freshened up' = dump in a few more of the same chunks and stir, while making 'cutzy noises' in an attempt to distract me from the obvious --- SSDD.  
Ah well, it works on my brothers.  I'm holding out, because I know I shall soon be receiving my good-night treat, or as Silvio calls it 'night night tweetzy, oh yea  .Oh My God Twitzy twizy twitzy time".  You get the picture, but you can't possibly feel my pain.  He is a screeeeeeecer.
1 really need to help him work on his diction.

Speaking of diction -- RIP has come a long way.  He actually has a wee conversation with me now. It goes something like this:

Roxy: RIP, you ok?
RIP: I ok. You ok?
Roxy: Yep, I'm ok.  You ok, Buddy?
RIP: I ok.  You ok?
ad nauseam

Around here we take what we can get.  It's an improvement over the interminable 'HeyHeyHeyHeyHey' and 'RIPRIPRIPRIPRIP'.

He's a challenge, that's for sure. But he does try, bless his heart.  (That's a southern expression roughly translated 'dumb as dirt but sweet'.)

Then there's Silvio.  What can I say?  Ah yes--- Joe was listening to the radio, and I heard what can only be meant to be Silvio's theme song: LET'S START A RIOT by Three Day's Grace.  Google it, and feel my pain.

It is approaching the evening and darker than usual due to the rainy day we are experiencing.  I wonder if my native Congo is as humid as central Florida.  I'll have to google that tomorrow; not that I would consider moving to a country about which I know little--- but knowledge for its own sake can be helpful.  For instance, when Sheldon was trying to explain the concept of Schrodinger's Cat to Penny, I was right on top of that.  Just glad it wasn't Schrodinger's Parrot.

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