Roxanne the Adorable African Grey

Roxanne the Adorable African Grey
Wouldn't you like to work for me?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Job Opportunity May Be Coming Soon!

FANS: If you love me, and want to hear from me more often, you may need to post some encouraging words on facebook.

Let me tell you now ----- If I can't get my 'Executive Secretary' to be more efficient and professional, I will reluctantly begin the tedious process of interviewing for new help.

There is one point in her favor.  Yesterday she received 3 cookbooks from that are totally dedicated to recipes for parrots!  I see this as a positive sign that she is trying to ingratiate herself, and none too soon.

Admittedly, Joe the Toy Maker has had his ups and downs, what with back surgery and an appendectomy, and now rehabilitation and massage --- but it must be reaffirmed that the pecking order around here has not changed because of obvious human frailties.  They come with the host. Humans simply don't live as long as we, due to complications I can't begin to understand.  Still, I watch him make birdie toys almost every night, and I must admit his skills are rapidly improving.  Trying to amuse me is a full-time job.

I must say, I am enjoying the jungles that my assistants made for me and my two brothers. We are able to be outside our cages for long periods of time, and since they removed the carpeting under us, we can poop wherever we like!  One thing my 'ES' is good at is cleaning and sanitizing after the poop hits the concrete.

I have heard talk of plans to make outdoor flight cages but have not seen anything on paper.  I should be the first consulted since I am, after all, one that can actually fly. My brothers are getting better at gliding. But full flight is my purview and should never be forgotten.  Since moving to Grant we have all regrown our flight feathers.  It's simply too windy all the time to let us fly outside over the Indian River.  Not to mention the hawks and bald eagles that swoop around the place catching fish and the occasional squirrel.  But an outdoor flight aviary?  Oh please, be still my fluttering heart.

New pictures will hopefully follow this post, so you can see me at my best, up in my jungle.  I make no promises.  I'm still trying to figure out how to type with talons.  If my ES ever puts voice recognition software on this baby, she will doom herself to obsolescence as my blogger.  One can only hope. Then she can spend more time in the kitchen whipping up birdie goodies while I do as I please.  To paraphrase Joseph Campbell, I will then be able to follow my bliss. (That sometimes involves chewing up art supplies.)

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